Choosing Your Seeds

One of the biggest things I struggle with all winter is buying seeds. I usually want everything I see, until I realize how much garden space I realistically have.

I personally think that the best way to buy your seeds is by listening to your heart. Does the flower make your heart sing? Does growing that tomato give you butterflies? That’s how I feel when I place that seed order and start to plan that 2022 garden.

This is my first full summer since possibly before high school that I will be off all summer. Although I’ll have a 7 month old with me all the time, I plan to truly enjoy every second that I can.

Part of that is spending as much time possible in our garden. The things that make me happiest. And it’s high on that list.

Last summer even when I was 8 months pregnant, i walked out every morning to open the chickens and check the garden. It was the bit of peace before the chaos of the day began. To be able to catch the sunrising over my literal hundred of flowers. Every painstaking moment spent seeding, planting and weeding. It’s all worth it to see the blooms and the fresh food. Whether it’s for my family or for our animals, I find so much joy in growing things that nourish.

Like I nourish the garden with the water and the nutrients that I give. It reciprocates that nourishment by bringing my soul joy, giving me hope that even when it rains flowers will still bloom.

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