On my wedding day, stopped in to check the chickens

Let me introduce myself!!

From small town to small farm

I spent the majority of my childhood and into my 20’s living in a small town with the population of about 6000. It was growing by thousands yearly it felt like.

I originally bought a house in that little town. But things happily didn’t work out and I found my way into the country life I never expected.

My husband grew up in the country, always on a farm. Him and his friends rented a home on a large property when I first met him. We both owned dogs and immediately started dreaming of having a home to ourselves.

In the summer of 2019 we moved into our little farm house on about 2 acres of land. Surrounded by alfalfa and wheat fields. I had spend a lot of time on my grandparents pig farm and uncles dairy farm growing up but never took any interest in any kind of farm life.

My homesteading journey began the spring of 2021. With the addition of a small chicken coop and 4 beat up old hens. My father in law had got them from an Amish farm. One of those 4 is somehow still living! I had never cared for anything other than a boyfriend, a dog and myself. Now I look back and laugh wondering what I would do without everything to take care of now.

Our first coop!
My first eggs!

The obsession and passion only grew from there. The 4 chickens turned into 8 and then ducks came into the picture. A second coop was bought and my little chicken coop got traded in for a new palace. Next came goats, a crazy pig and 2 alpacas. I taught myself how to raise not only animals for fun and pleasure but for food. I began on a whim buying 4 meat birds and have ended up culling and butchering about 50 of them now. Not a small feat for a girl from the city with no experience.

In 2020 I also started with a 30×30 plot of garden space. It seemed then like so much space that caused a lot of fear. I went in blindly but ended up falling in love. Over the next 2 years I would end up not only expanding that main plot but adding a second. This summer is set to be the biggest year yet! In hopes to grow a lot of food to feed my family through both the summer and winter.

I never knew where I would end up in life. After college, I started a Personal Support Worker job and fell into just thinking that’s all I was going to do. When I ask my friends of years if they ever imagined this from me they usually all laugh. ‘No’ most would say. ‘Definitely not’. But they all see it on my face or through my farm Instagram, that I found my calling.

Being a mom, a wife, a maker, a gardener and homesteader. Nothing makes me happier than earning those titles. It hasn’t been easy but nothing good ever is.

Stay turned to see where 2022 brings us!